We are
to adopt!

Robin and Souhail

We are
excited to

We are family people! We love being around family and friends. We are excited to welcome your child in our network of love and support and to complete us as a family.


We feel a connection!

We are lucky and grateful that you are taking the time to learn about us and our passion, love and care for your child. We know in our hearts this is the perfect time. We are happy, financially stable, and our home is amazing, California. We promise to love and support your child equally selflessly and unconditionally.

We are so thrilled to become parents and want so much for you and the baby to be safe and supported. We believe in family first and are excited to get started with you!

Actually, adoption has always been a passion of ours. Way before we have even met. Souhail grew up with next door neighbors who adopted several children. They became friends, and he admired their family connection and diversity. He knew he wanted to adopt after that experience. Robin learned about adoption as a child, and she always knew that would be an option if she were not able to give birth to a child. Before we got married, we discovered how each of us was excited about adoption, so we knew this would be an option once we were married.

Unconditional Love, Unconditional Support

Family First, Compassion

Finance Stability

Open Mindedness and Spirituality

We show our love by being there for each other in the good times and in the bad times.

  • Supportive
  • Cheering for one another
  • excited to get started with you!

    Everything works better with a little empathy and fun.

    • We listen
    • We hug
    • We laugh
    • We share our feelings
    • have fun!

    We orient our energy and actions to establish a quality life for our family.

    • Resourceful
    • Stable
    • Convenient

    We love fusion of ideas, cultures, and everything else.

    • Inclusive
    • Creative
    • Multicultural

    Let's Connect

    No matter what you choose, we hope for peace and happiness for you. We want you to know that should you choose us, we promise to love and have a stable, safe and loving home for your child.

    We have you in our hearts and mind!

    We Promise ourselves to make:

    Learning and exploring the world are top priority for our family. Knowledge is a right not a privilege. And, being enlightened is the true essence of freedom and accomplishment. Traveling is a joy, a holiday and it's a human right.

    Our pet reminds us to have fun and walk frequently. Music teaches us coordination and listening to one another. Shopping is an exercise for those who don't feel like working out with the bonus of new cool outfits!

    Vacation must be FUN, SAFE, and FULL of LOVE and CELEBRATION.


    You can help us to find our Starfish

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